How does dance impact society? – Dance That Tells A Story

According to Dr. Cesar Ramirez of the University of California-Los Angeles, dance has a powerful impact on society. Not only does dancing facilitate social interaction, it also opens doors that were previously closed.

In fact, Ramirez believes that dance has a large influence on business and business practices because “people are more open and more connected in society when they are in front of a dance studio.”
Grade 9 Q4 | Dance

Do you think dancing brings you and your company to new heights?

Dances offer a unique way for dancers to connect with one another and their audiences. Dances also allow dancers to show themselves off to the whole crowd!

What is the most fun dance you do?

When working with young dancers, we try to make each dance as fun as possible. For instance, we have the students dancing to rap songs and doing a little dancing.

For me, it is important to have fun and not look that far ahead of my work. It is important not to take dancing too seriously because we want to give back to society while doing our part to make it more enjoyable.

You danced under the iconic Elle Woods at the age of 13!

I went to the ballet from the age of 6 to 14 so I had been dancing for about two years. This was when I started my first dance studio, The Dancers Studio.

What is one dance you have always wanted to do?

I have always wanted to do show and tell with ballet. I was always an early dancer at school but it was always not the best fit. There were just a lot of girls my age who wanted to dance but didn’t have a dancing teacher and a lot were just interested in acting.

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