How does dance impact society?

The first thing we need to do is find out if dance clubs actually change a place. Are they a catalyst for the social changes that the critics seem to speak of? Or is it just what the “bad guy” would say is “the true face of the bar” – i.e. social club? If they really mean that, then how do we figure out who the “bad guys” are? And then also, how do we stop the social change that we just want so desperately to have?

The same question is also asked by all the other critics. What is it exactly that makes a bar great, good, etc…? How can the “bad guy” of a bar know which are the good, bad, best place to drink with friends and what are the bad/worst/stupid people to avoid when going out? To be fair, not all critics agree, so why are there these differing views? Some of the critics like to say that “everyone dances so that’s why it’s a good place to dance” and that all the dance clubs are so crowded that this is true. The same people say that most social clubs are the opposite. Many others think it’s the bar, the bartenders, or maybe just that it’s a good place to have fun and just hang out. Some also find that a social club is just a place to have a conversation, and that no one really does anything at a club after the bar closes. Then others insist that most social clubs are bad places to hang out, or even worse, just people being people. They also think it’s boring to be friends in a club that’s all “Dancing all night.” But it’s actually a much broader picture than that.

Does the “bad guy” of a club just have to tell you it’s a bad part to go to, or can you find out more about why this is, and then you can talk with the “bad guy” about how it’s not that great? The dance clubs of today often give people a few reasons why they can’t go club dancing. Many of the reasons are very different in theory than the problems that these bars create though dance. The same can be said for the other “bad guys” mentioned in the criticisms of these establishments. You can’t judge a bar by what makes a person drink – that’s not their job. You can only judge it by the things that they create, so that should come into play too.

So the question is