How dance can help you mentally?

A woman walks out into a crowded dance floor. She wants to have fun but is unsure how to do it properly. She is trying out each dance until she hits on the one that is most comfortable for her and gives her a confidence boost
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A woman walks out into a crowded dance floor. She has just gotten out of her car and is walking into a club. There is a dance floor in the middle of the dance space with people moving together, moving left and right.

The woman approaches the dance floor and starts dancing. She wants to know what to do next, what she can do to make the dance more pleasurable. She asks her dancer partner to take a seat and give her a seat in front of her.

She feels uncomfortable because some people are going to dance around her or stand right next to her. She is not accustomed to dancing this way, she looks around to see how everyone is doing their dance and how her dance will play out, as she is going to be dancing. She is a beginner but she feels good about herself dancing and feels that this dance will be fun for her.

One of the people that are around her dances right next to her and takes her seat at her dance. The woman asks for time to do her dance and asks the person next to her for their turn.

The person sitting in front of the woman is not sure where to position themselves so she asks the woman next to her for her hand and tells her where to stand for her.

The person sitting in front of her is trying to figure out how to make the dance more comfortable for herself. The woman next to her is dancing and she is getting close to her self.

The person dancing with her is not sure where to move to but she feels comfortable with it.

All of these are women walking in the crowded dance floor, trying out different styles of dancing and all of them are uncertain about the right dance. They know how they will move when they dance that the dance will be good for them but they do not know how it will feel to have a good night out.

Now, you might think this is silly and ridiculous, but for me personally it helps me. It feels awkward to take my clothes off in public because I can’t decide what I am going to do next. You know this feeling, the one that you are nervous about when you walk into the bathroom or wherever and everything just feels wrong and you are unsure of where to start