How dance can help you mentally?

If you’ve never danced before, the above questions can be daunting. Dancing itself, however, has a powerful effect on the mind. The dance has its own unique way of calming and transforming us. It calms and calms, it transforms, and then it calms some more in the end. It’s such a powerful change that it has been used successfully on people all over the world. The idea is something like this: Take a piece of work which you know how to do with a minimum of skills, and get that piece of work, one day at a time, out of your head and dance around with it. You’ll see and feel how the art of it is different than how you normally think. Even if you have no formal training, you’ll still notice a huge improvement in your mental clarity immediately. After the initial initial “stutter,” you’ll notice a huge improvement in your overall “flow” (elevation in energy). Eventually you’ll notice that you can be creative with work — this will be obvious once you have more experience. It’s not just a few weeks or days of dancing or studying, but can be many hours.

If you are at all interested in this technique, then I strongly encourage you to practice. Go out and practice whenever and wherever you feel like. Practice with a fellow student, teacher, or instructor, and let’s dance around with an interesting piece. Don’t practice it like a choreographed dance you might find at a dance studio, but give it a place to go without expectations. In short , use it everyday and without expectations.

A couple points:

A group of women in a small Oregon community are fighting to change the local ordinance to protect women’s “right to a safe environment outside of a work or school, to the right to privacy in the home, and to the right not to be harassed,” as well as to prevent harassment on the job.

Brett and Sarah Jones are married but have three daughters. The Joneses moved to North Bend back in the 1980s when they bought a house right down the road from the nearest mosque, and they still live there — even through a community ordinance which is often cited in the news as a way to prevent women from walking on street corners or wearing shorts under their burqas.

Brett explains to the Oregonian newspaper that, “One problem — the mosque on the main road in our community is next to a convenience store and a laundromat. So to use