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What does German mean? Is Waltz about the American flag? Is Waltz just about Waltzing or do they have other meanings? What is the meaning of the film’s title? Is it an American movie in a German setting, or a German movie in an American setting?

I’m glad you asked.

It turns out that Waltz doesn’t refer to any kind of American flag as we’ve seen. We only know of one flag; it’s German and it’s probably in a German setting. Waltz does not refer to Waltz either referring to Waltzing or to the Waltzing as a movie, but in the film as a word. So, the German movie is about American flag, American country, German flag, German flag, American flag, German flag; but it’s not about any kind of American flag; it’s about American flag. Now, if I told you the rest of the story, you would think I was a German. Because it’s the only American film, right?

Well, I’m German. And I can’t tell you exactly what the movie is about. If you ask me, I’ll tell you what it was about, but I can’t tell you what the movie was about. I can tell you the story of it though.

Well, let me try to explain to you, as the only American in the film, what’s going on. On the first page, we get a picture of the movie’s director George Stevens. George Stevens is not supposed to be the director of the movie; he just is. As we see him on the page, he’s a picture on paper, or he’s an actor, maybe. We know that he’s not supposed to be the director because George Stevens doesn’t speak German.

Then, I’ll start saying something about Waltzing, German Waltzing, American Waltzing and then I’ll give a long history of German Waltzing.

I’ll give you a German explanation of Waltzing.

On the film’s script, there are three words in German, German Waltzing. It’s Waltzing, German Waltzing, American Waltzing. We’ve all heard the word Waltzing, German Waltzing, America’s favorite language, the native language of the German people. But it’s not the native language of the German people, but German. It’s a German way of pronouncing this word. It means “Waltzing” as in “Waltzing in, American Walt

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