Why violin is the hardest instrument? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 6 Problem Solving

It seems like no violin is ever really the same.

Tobias von der GroƟ

Wien, Austria

Dear Tobias: Your answer will make me smile, because it is true that if a violin is the strongest instrument, it is not the one you can hear the best. So you can be satisfied with the violin you want to buy, no matter what kind of instrument it is. There is no such thing as a “hardest violin”. You can have the most beautiful and most well-played violin on the market. All you need is an amazing buyer, the right expectations, and good business sense. It would be just as easy to say “a violin is the hardest instrument”, but this seems wrong too. If you are serious about a violin in particular, you must know that it is not the strongest instrument.

I will say something about violin, as one of your colleagues has also said, that is true: there are very few violin makers who can compete with the mass production of instruments made by the biggest manufacturers. I think of the violin makers that make stringed instruments: I will tell you that their name is not for sale at music shops. That is because they have already taken over the business of the biggest manufacturers.

How do I tell if a violin is “good enough”? For example, my son is playing “Tosca”: in my opinion, that is a much better violin than a viola or violin sonata. Of course, a good violin should be made for me by my son. But I am sure that he, myself, could be the best player with a less-than-perfect violin. And we do not have that luxury now.

I will say something of course in regard to you, Sebastian: you are a very good salesman. I know that you know what’s going on in the market when you make purchases in the classical section of a store. I’ve never heard anyone say “it’s not going well for me at a store where I would go”. And that is really what it means, isn’t it? In regard to the violin for me, you know I am a very careful buyer. I am the type to never even consider a price that is just too much. It can’t be that way. That can only be that you are not buying the good quality at the right price. On the other hand, if people know you can afford to buy a perfectly good quality, it means they do not need that violin

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