Why violin is so expensive? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 6 Solve Two-Step

Viola is so expensive because a typical violin maker will sell their instrument for $1,300 – $7,300. This high price is because the violin maker has made a significant investment in the instrument. If there is a break in the wood, we will be able to save a small amount on one particular piece. If there is a broken string, we will need to buy our own. There is some sort of manufacturer in Europe that makes a high-end violin with an amazing finish and a huge price.

I do not know about other instrument makers out there to sell my violin. Can you help?

Well, we think all that is just talk, but we do have some great advice from folks who are passionate about making their dreams come true. For instance, we know that a number of violin makers are selling their instruments on Etsy! The most interesting violin makers I have found on Etsy come from Germany where craftsmen like Gustav Lindner made instruments during the days of the Old Republic. He was the creator of the “Emmelsammerei” and some of his creations are sold for hundreds of dollars! Gustav Lindner is a true legend.

What materials are used in a violin?

In the West, we use oak and walnut for the violin wood. In Asia, we only use bamboo because it provides more natural color and is strong. It also gives good balance in a variety of other instruments. In the East, we use mahogany for the violin and the wood is usually black. The violin wood comes in many different colors and the wood used in a lot of other instruments comes from China too.

What is the price range on the piano?

We used to sell our pianos for $5,000 – $10,000, but now we have changed the price range and now we sell them for $3,000 – $7,000. We believe this changes the dynamic of our violin business. You could say we increased the value of violin. But to make it easier to understand, we call for a discount of 3-5%.

My instrument broke my computer. The price for replacement parts?

You should visit the store and see if your instrument needs replacements. For a lot of people, this is a huge expense. We make a great choice as for the price. We also know that after the repairs, you can buy brand new products and still have the original instruments.

Michael - Careless Whisper sheet music for violin solo [PDF]

What about repair service?

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