Why is playing the violin so hard?

The answer is simple: playing the violin is hard on your back.

Playing is hard because your spine needs support because your butt and knees are pressed against (and you’re not leaning forward against) your violin.

The problem is what you do with it.

“So what should I play to do it better.”

When you perform on stage you are supposed to be putting the violin back into its case and keeping your hands out of it and not into any of its folds — which is actually a lot more difficult than you think!

But how?

I have found that many people can get their butt out of their violin seat, and use their arms or even their hands to get it back in its case if necessary.

The problem is that when you get back in your case the most important thing to do is push the string out of the case as far as you can! When this happens the string is completely out of the case and your violin sits back into your butt. Even more difficult than this is when you start to push the string into the case by holding the string, instead of pulling out the string!

So in terms of the position this actually looks like, I think the best way to get back inside your case is to keep your hands out of your butt!

“What I’m missing here is the most efficient way to do it.”

Ok so let’s make this much clearer: push out the string, pull out the string and then keep playing the violin while you’re holding a string — don’t try and pull your butt out of your violin seat in my video!
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I think that what you’re saying to “do this better” is actually quite simple if you focus on the right techniques — especially if you follow these 4 essential strategies for improving your back health.

Let’s dive deeper into the strategies that you can take to prevent or fix many back specific problems that you and your neck will have in the near future by reading up on them.

1. Relax the muscles of the core

Your core is a very interesting muscle. Most people find it hard to get into the core from the bottom.

Most people don’t even know about their core muscles, let alone how to get them to feel comfortable enough to be good core workers.

Let me give you one tip I learned from my friend and personal trainer, the legendary and very intelligent Jon Rheingold:

He first told