Why is playing the violin so hard? – Beginner Violin Sheet Music With Letters

It’s not easy. It can be very tedious and time-consuming. I don’t have any formal training, but I’ve been playing for many years already. I started to play when I was 12 or 13 and I have my own music, which I write. I use music theory in my playing because I don’t have a teacher to talk to and I have to pay for my lessons. I have a good teacher, but it can take time.

Are you serious about the violin?

I have one piece, “Bodh,” and I’m planning to record a recording with a professional orchestra, but I need to learn how to actually play the violin. For example, some people don’t learn the violin; they play as a kid. If you learn a lot of the tricks, it will help you play even better. Also, you must be able to perform at this stage to succeed and make it in the industry. I don’t want to do this for a life. I want to learn as soon as possible.
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Are you a violinist/lutenist?

I’m a beginner. I love the musical world, but I’m very sad that it is like this and it can’t make another career. I want to study music with my friends instead.

Do you have a dream?

Well, I would like to be a famous musician, because the violin is a very beautiful instrument. If I can play with a better orchestra and be heard for my work, I would be happy.

Do you need to look after yourself?

I go to see my doctor when I get sick; that is the only thing I get from that. I have to give up a lot of things, if I am not careful. I have several health problems, but I don’t want to think about it because for me it is still about music.

What are your other dreams?

I would like to study music as a way of life for myself. I think I could make a good living playing that music. Music is still very important to me, because this is what’s being sold to me.

Is that how you see your life?

That is what we are taught. We are taught to see life from a certain perspective. That’s what I want to keep working toward. I just want to learn to think the way I do.

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