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The violins are a “luxury item”, and they’re probably more likely to need regular service than the pianos – and the price gap is wider with more recent instruments. So you could have made a bit of a profit on your violins if you went with a piano, but the price difference is likely to have amounted to less than $100. Still – as long as you’re not making a lot of money from your violin, it’s probably not a good idea to buy one.

In summary, piano, violin, and violins aren’t particularly costly compared to other, more common instruments, like saxophones, harps, drums, or acoustic guitars. That said, if you decide to buy one of these items, make sure it’s worth about the $20K-$40K range, though I can’t vouch for how it plays or how good it sounds in the first place.

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Leeds United and Blackburn Rovers have agreed a permanent deal to add a combined total of 13 players to Leeds’ squad for 2015-16.

The squad will be announced on Tuesday, with full details to follow on Tuesday afternoon.

New signings for the Rovers side include midfielders Tom Lees and Charlie Taylor, defender Gary Taylor and full-back Michael Gardyne.

Leeds also received an undisclosed fee from Preston North End for defender John Heitinga.

The first full year of free agency is over, and while the NFL has a myriad of roster spots to fill, the teams with the biggest holes to fill have already addressed them with picks and rookie salary dollars.

In terms of unrestricted free agents, the Rams have the fourth-tightest set of available roster spots. In 2016, the Rams had just nine unrestricted free agents, with the biggest void in the secondary between starters and rotational players. That is a big void, one that could have a massive impact on the next two seasons — if the Rams hold on their rights.

At least, that’s how the free agent market is shaping up for the Rams. This is a small sample size for how the market will look (for instance, the Broncos have 10 unrestricted free agents, but only 10 guaranteed roster spots), but for a team that has spent years in a rebuild-and-rebuild strategy, the Rams will likely remain relatively cap-constrained. Here is how the Rams’ unrestricted free agents stack up as they look toward 2017 and beyond:


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