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“I thought violins were made for playing classical music,” said Michael Heiser, a senior marketing consultant for Bowers & Wilkins and a visiting scholar at the National Academy. “Now I hear, ‘I can play this. Can I play it?’ I’ve had violins since I was a little kid. It’s like a new instrument. I think violins are more accessible. The price may reflect the technology, which is great, or maybe a feeling of familiarity. There’s a sense of comfort. There’s something about getting up and carrying the bass that’s cool.

“But I still love the grand piano,” he continued. “It’s not just the aesthetics I think are attractive. I just feel like it’s the right instrument to play classical music. The old bass violin was a great instrument. If a guy plays this grand piano — and, obviously, there’s been a big change in what a grand piano can do with technology — I still love this instrument.”

If a bass-playing grandma wants to get into the bass-playing game, she should consider taking one of these new bass-playing pianos for a spin, and then see if she gets hooked.

The world will be a very different place on Dec 26th, when the Bitcoin network forks into two different versions. The Bitcoin network has been at this point for almost four years now and most of the mining difficulty will remain high until the next “hard fork” that would have the network split into two, similar to “The Silk Road.”

Bitcoin’s blockchain has been in limbo, with one fork in June 2016 and “The Silk Road” in September 2014. However, many people in the community are not convinced that a Bitcoin fork with no change in the fundamental rules would lead to a more stable network, while others believe that a full Bitcoin can be changed, even though Bitcoin’s developers haven’t given an indication of such an possibility.

What does the bitcoin code have to say about such a change?

How a Fork Will Cause a Bitcoin Crash

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In a previous article, we said: “The Bitcoin network has two versions. There is the original Bitcoin Core network and another version that is compatible to the miners. In the past, both versions were considered the ‘gold standard’. It should be expected that both versions will continue to function at least for a short time. Because both versions can take on other functions in future, however, there is a risk that they will be considered to be two

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