When should I Rehair my violin bow? – How To Learn Piano Sheet Music

Rehair the bow every two months – after every use, you should apply a moisturiser to make it last another month

If it looks too thin after a bath, try applying a thick cream

Rehair the bow on a wet day

If it looks too thick after taking a bath, use a thin cream

If the bow makes a noise when you play, apply a hair gel

I wear a bow and haven’t seen it. What should I do?

If you wear your bow, you can apply a moisturiser or other product to make it last another month. You might need the moisturiser for a while before using your instrument again

Look at the bow and see whether it has become worn – you may need to buy a new one to make the skin feel smooth and elastic again

If it is too thin – the string is worn too tight – apply a thick cream. If it smells too strong there may be a problem with the string (look for problems with the string, for instance with knots or broken sections)

If you are concerned about the bow’s stiffness – check the string to see if you should re-make it, or consider replacing your bow.

If the bow has an excessive amount of friction. Check it gently with your finger, and try to dampen the bow slightly before touching it. If it feels stiff, try a stronger moisturiser, or just use a soft cotton wash. If you’re unable to achieve this result – buy a new bow

If you have seen or heard the bow vibrating – don’t change it or re-hair. This is usually an indication of a problem with the bow, for example with knots or broken sections

If you’re unsure whether it is worth it to re-hair – but it helps you get along with it for the day – try to stick to the new bow. If it feels stiff and unresponsive it may be a problem with the bow.

If there is too much pressure on the bow – you can use a soft cotton cloth to gently massage the bow back and forth, with light pressure, for two to three minutes, until you’re satisfied that it has become loose and easy to move. If this doesn’t improve you can consider checking the string, for instance to see if there’s a problem with the string.

I have a bow and want to give it away. What should I do?
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Never give away a bow – it can harm

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