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Loud instrument vs. soft instrument (like the violin): Learn both types of instruments on the road so you get a feel for one vs. the other. Most of the time you can quickly pick up a soft instrument. Once you are proficient practicing with a soft instrument, you’ll develop a great deal of confidence with the hard instrument, and you can use its speed and power to your advantage (and it also makes singing easier!) You can also try both.

What are the best musical instruments in a band?

There is no correct answer. It depends on how you use the instrument. We will never say that playing hard instruments, or a soft instrument, is the best instrument in a band – but it is definitely your best bet and you should start learning it from the beginning.

Which does your group play best?

All of the above is based on the band as a whole. But the most interesting thing of all is to listen to different players in a band play different instruments. If you know a few different players you’ll be able to determine which one fits your band the best.

There are various bands where members play various musical instruments. For instance:

An electric guitar-based band, like Red Hot Chili Peppers. They use a lot of electric guitars in the band, and sometimes they’re not even close to a piano in the mix.

An acoustic guitar-based band, like Fleet Foxes. They play a lot of acoustic guitars (even on stage!), and they also don’t perform well with a piano in the mix.

An acoustic organ-based band, like The Postal Service. Their songs are all acoustic, and they prefer to use an acoustic piano in the mix…

Are you a huge prog rocker?

No, but if you like that sort of thing and enjoy prog rock then you should definitely learn some classical guitar.

What instruments are you most looking forward to learning?

One of the main instruments in the studio is the synthesizer – especially the Roland TB-303 and Roland TB-303X, both of which are very popular. They can be programmed for a long time and are very versatile, which is awesome for musicians.

You’ll probably find it helpful to play an acoustic guitar on stage, if you find the sound really good.

Most of all, if you want to make money playing an instrument and you want to learn new tunes, learning more instruments is an excellent idea

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