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What’s the one instrument that most affects your world?

And the world has only one god?

There’s something strange about that statement, doesn’t it? It seems weird to say that the earth is the most beautiful piece of music, but then, it’s an ancient way of thinking, right? If you think about it, music that’s beautiful is not the kind of music that’s made in the most abstract way. For some reason it must be made in a very concrete way, because everyone loves music that sounds good to them. We all make music. For example, one of my favorite records this year was “The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild” because it sounded so awesome. I think that all people who love music should know that music is created in an infinite number of ways and that it always affects our world. Some people are born with this talent and all of the time. We can all make music at the same time and the same thing happens. If you make music about love and you listen to it all the time, it goes on our minds and our feelings, which is a beautiful experience. I’m so proud that my friends here at NSDN and people all over the world are listening to my songs every time I come on the stage. It makes me feel so good.

What do you hope people take away from your music?

From what I’ve mentioned, from the last album, when I was just a kid I didn’t have any expectations for myself to be playing live. I didn’t have any expectations at all, but I made some records and I went crazy and became a great artist. If I were to play songs right now I definitely would play them one after another and I would like to play them with a lot of emotion. I think my music is amazing both in its technical and lyrical aspects. I make a lot of music that is good for this kind of music. I don’t think I have any idea whatsoever how this kind of music would be received internationally. I have no expectations, but I just hope people can appreciate my songs for all that they are. It doesn’t matter where it goes, it can go anywhere at any moment for me.

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