What makes a violin bow expensive?

It takes many years to develop one, and sometimes the owner will only play it for a few days. In that time, it will age and break. Therefore, it has to be purchased as cheaply as possible. If the owner has a violin bow, he wants it today.

Now we have to find a buyer. Who will be willing to pay so much for a violin bow when they are not going to see one for several years? If we start looking in the right places we can find such people.

For these reasons, I have gathered a number of violin bow prices online. Most of them are low-budget, but they are still good enough to be used when buying a new violin bow.

All of them have their own quirks, so you will have to make an educated guess as to why I have chosen these prices. Most of them come from the web. If you are still wondering why I think these prices are low, you can see what is on the internet just below the listing you are looking at. In here you will see a lot of interesting information that will help you in buying a new or used violin bow. It helps if you know about things I didn’t cover in the article above, because then you can make a better estimate.

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