What is the easiest instrument to teach yourself?

Well before I started doing it, it was only the easiest song I could perform. I did it with one hand on the keys and everything. I just got that in my head – not knowing how to play the guitar. But it took me a fair distance from learning to play to knowing how to sing, but not sing like it’s a problem. I feel that it’s a real tool – I can learn so much by just knowing the basic chords. And it’s my favorite song ever to learn, so if you were to ask me to do it, I’d say, right now! That’s easy.

How long does the process for learning to play guitar take?

The first day is the hardest, because when one starts to learn, the mind starts moving, the muscles start thinking too, and it’s so hard to stay focused on the guitar. But after a few days, if you practice enough, your body will get used to it and be so focused that you can start to do everything.

What are the biggest challenges students face when they first come to your studio to practice?

Getting really good at the guitar – that’s not as tough as it sounds. If you want to be a great guitar player, you do all you can to become good at guitar. In order to become the best guitar player, you need to master all aspects of the instrument. There is no one trick to playing music. I know I learned the basics but I got so many better. That’s definitely the most challenging part, because, when I heard people say they could play every song better on guitar than they could on piano, it really made me think.

How do you improve when you get feedback from friends at home?
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When I started to teach, my biggest challenge was the lack of professional musicians at my house. In my house, every one of our music was all my creations. It is not like other houses I know with professional instrumentalists – it is my own instruments, so I don’t have access to this. The other people at home that I work with are usually my friends, and they are all great musicians. They want to know about everything I’m doing. So they are always coming up to ask questions or give suggestions when I’m doing lessons.

I’ve learned to be more patient. I think that when learning guitar, the best way is to spend time with the guitar, play the songs, and then look it over. Learn it at a