What is a good price for a violin? – Violin Notes For Beginners In Malayalam

This is a tough question. It can’t just be a number, and it can’t just be a percentage, either; it’s a question of your perception of what can be achieved. So what I really want to discuss is the nature of perception and the nature of valuation.

The nature of perception is often seen in our own time. It’s one of those things that makes us feel good when we’re doing it, but the thing it makes us feel good about doing it is often not the best thing to do. I’ve been told that the only thing that you can do with your time is to make the most money. There’s this idea that you can just make that amount of money so that you’re able to move on to a nicer life. Sometimes this is true. It sometimes is not. Sometimes you don’t really need it, and it’s like your body is telling you, “You’re not really doing things the right way,” as a consequence.

In this instance, that perception is about a different violin. This one is going to cost you 10 times the money your grandmother made for a whole lifetime. At that price, can you make any claim that it’s better or less valuable? No. In the same way that, if you’re telling yourself that 10 dollars is enough to start a successful business, people feel that way, but if you ask them what it took them to achieve that level of achievement, they will say, “Because I paid your tuition to learn how to play like that.” It’s this illusion, this mental frame that keeps people from investing. It’s basically saying, If I have a violin that costs 10 times more than yours, then my violin is worth more than yours. I think that this is very dangerous, because the thing that makes money is not actually knowing how to make money. It’s not that we don’t know how to profit. We know how to profit because we know how to gain a sense of control over what we’re doing, or the way we’re doing it. But we don’t know how to profit precisely because we have those perceptions. Some of them are wrong. Some of them are misleading. They just confuse us.
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You see this in other fields. In chess there’s a lot of talk about it; it’s this one great trick, the most incredible trick that you’ve ever seen someone take. I’ve been playing chess for a really long time, and I’ve seen some really brilliant chess players over a lot of years

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