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The most important thing is learning to play violin in a good environment. A good environment, for musicians, includes proper conditions for developing strong musical relationships with other musicians who will be working with you. For example, the best time for learning to play violin isn’t during the last month or so of life when you are still the most creative, but when you are not doing much else, not in front of others and in secret. Your learning habits will improve when you begin to let go of things you aren’t using.

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What are the best violins?

The world is filled with beautiful instruments. Some are rare, others are rarer still. I would say some of the most important instruments to learn are the strings, the body, and the wood itself. They are the things that seem to control the whole sound of the instrument. The good news is that you don’t need to pick out the most expensive violin for the sake of an expensive violin. You simply need to find a violin that does what you want it to do – that resonates.

The best violins are those that allow you to feel the tension of the strings. I say “you” because if you have an inexpensive violin, the instrument that resonates best with you will be a $500 violin. But for a musician, the best instruments are those that have the sound of an old violin, or will sound good playing on that instrument if you have had it for years. If a violin does not allow you to feel the tension, then it is a good choice for those who want to spend a lot on instruments.

Viola instruments don’t always resonate, but what matters is not so much what happens when you play that particular note but the way the instrument moves and is resonant. If you want your violin to resonate, it needs to move well and not at all, with a loud crack or a dull clink. If it doesn’t move well, it won’t sound good. Don’t worry about having a perfect violin – just don’t buy it unless you have confidence in it being good enough.

Learn what good quality violins look like

A high-quality violin has a lot of things going for it that a less expensive model doesn’t. For many of the same reasons that you should consider a budget violin as a budget instrument, you have to decide where you will be spending your money and where you will be using the money for quality improvements. You want something that is going to be good

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