What age should you start violin lessons?

I strongly advise everyone to start before their child is at most four years old. You need to make sure you know the violin well enough to be able to make a great rendition of your own work on violin. Otherwise, there is a risk of overdoing it, and you can end up injuring yourself or your child’s other organs. In my opinion, it becomes imperative to go into a more advanced level of instrument training when the child is well into their first year of life. This will give the child an extra edge in violin skill, and is also more suitable if their parents are already teaching the violin very well. The next time you are looking for an inexpensive but high quality violin, please look at my list of cheap instruments on the site. If you find one not on here, please, contact me – I have a number of these on sale at very reasonable prices. You might want to consider making additional inquiries before making a purchase.

How much does a regular violin set usually cost? I would definitely not consider an instrument as low quality as this to a child – they simply won’t receive a quality instrument at a fair price. A reasonably sized violin set will cost from $200-$400, but I recommend you start with very cheap instruments first. If you are not sure that you’ll be a willing teacher, make sure you learn the basics first. Even if you are, your child will eventually be able to do their own teaching.

Will the instrument work when it arrives? Yes, if you make a good teacher, and have time to put the correct materials in it. Once the strings stop flying, take care that the instrument is not damaged before attempting to use it. A piece like this can often be thrown at something for the fun of it, so it is never meant to be used in a serious situation!

How do you transport the violin? I would recommend that you buy your own violin case and carry it with you as much as possible. This helps to minimise the chance of damaging it – this may not be possible in places that are not as comfortable or safe as your sofa. You can also carry the case on your belt so you will have space to store any instruments you may require.

What type of student should I be? If you know you don’t have time to take your child with you as a student, then I would definitely recommend that you send them to an experienced teacher through your school. Your child will learn from other parents and teachers that are well-educated in the