What age should you start violin lessons?

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Under 3 years! Just as with all musical training, children as young as 3 years may be learning these wonderful skills at home. Some children develop their own style of instruction and progress from beginner to advanced within their first week.

Is it true that your violin teacher gives you a song book?

Absolutely not! It is simply a guide to playing and not instructions to study.

What is the difference between a violin pro and an amateur?

A pro is a professional who teaches you how to play for thousands of hours over a longer period of time then what you would teach a beginner. They tend to have a slightly higher knowledge, but the lessons may be shorter or they may be completely different!

Why would you want to learn to play your first violin?

The simple reason is that you’ve got to. Most other distractions will keep you occupied. Music therapy, and learning to understand the rhythms of the human voice are your best friends here. There are also many practical applications including playing the clarinet and a few strings on the guitar! If you can afford it, having such an instrument is your future!

Do some students come from a background in music education, or did they just come to violin lessons?

A great many come straight from school music education programmes. I would recommend a year or two of intensive music education before your first lesson. Students who have only seen me play the violin may not have seen me perform.

Who is your favourite violin teacher?

I’m a big fan of the violin teacher Chris Kress. He’s my personal violin teacher. He has mastered all major styles of solo violin, is incredibly warm and engaging, and is easy to work with. Most people who are struggling with music find it hard to hear other people but Chris always gets them listening right away. He has my absolute respect and has given so much to me.

Who is your favourite teacher in music?

Mentor Dan Felt has been a dear friend of mine for many years when I was a student. He started teaching me a ton at the start of my journey and I owe his advice and guidance to today. He truly has a gift for teaching the violin for a child of any age and I appreciate the time we spent together.

Where should I start?

It’s always good to start out with very slow and deliberate movement. When you start to become more comfortable trying some fingerings you might want to switch to the slow