Should you clean violin strings? – Learn To Play Violin On Youtube

Some folks suggest using a cleaning solution in your hands. The general idea is that it kills the micro-organisms on the string and then prevents them from spreading out during use. The cleaning solution we used in this video was water. Some folks like a little vinegar but we used water because of all the string friction. We’ve got lots more instructions on cleaning strings in our How to Clean a Violins String Instructional Video.

Tie It.

Just pull the strings through the tie-on knot, then tie it off. Tie a little knot of your choice on the back of the tie-in knot at the back of the string. Just make sure that it’s snug. You don’t want any slack. A lot of people keep their strings tied at the end of the day or tie them for a week. Once they start wearing out and you haven’t even taken a hit it’s too late to get any tension off your strings.

Be Careful.

As mentioned above, keep your strings tied very tightly. If you pull any of your strings in the middle your skin might irritate and cause itching. Make sure your skin is dry before touching the string before use. You may have to take frequent breaks after putting the string in for a few minutes to let the glue work its way off.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr by Jeff P.

In my last post, I discussed how I would set up a VPS using Amazon and Puppet. Well, now that the hardware is all set and all that is needed is to install CentOS 7 and the necessary tools, I am free to move forward and start contributing my own code and projects!

On this post, my first contribution to the community will be a CentOS 8 based site for all sorts of free and open source software. Since some of us enjoy running our own servers and operating systems such as CentOS, this is a great opportunity for me to learn my craft and share some of my experiences as a developer, community manager, and user.

I plan to put the code up on GitHub, so feel free to fork and contribute to it. Feel free also to submit pull requests. If you find any regressions in the code, let me know. This is not code that I am interested in maintaining though. It will most likely fall down, and there can always be a new iteration.

A good time

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