Should I play violin or piano? – How To Learn Violin Faster

The following table lists the best violin/piano teachers in your area. They have an extensive knowledge of this instrument.

Teachers’ Teaching Times

To get to know a teacher better, write a brief summary describing what you expect from them. The summary should tell them about why you are interested in them, what you hope they’ll teach you, and what kind of lessons they have planned.

The summary should also include a brief statement of why you think they’re right for the job. Tell them you’d be happy to take a course from them.

You’ll also be surprised at the positive feedback. Many people who’ve spoken to teachers say they are grateful for their guidance and are looking forward to using their help more often. And you can’t beat a great teacher for helping your student learn the instrument well and in a meaningful way.

For detailed, free information on choosing the right teachers, check out our School Guide to College Music!
Learn to Play Piano by Chords

Who is the best teacher? This question can give you a great clue about a great teacher. However, you can’t go to a list and say, “Who is the best teacher for violin?” You’ll get rejected and ignored.

How much is the best? In the USA, $40-40,000 per year can cover the cost of tuition at a university. A private violin instructor may charge less, or as much as $1,000 per month.

In Europe, a teacher’s salary can run into the thousands of dollars per month. Teachers are often well paid for teaching a high volume of students.

When you choose a teacher, pick people who you trust. Ask friends, family members, coworkers, teachers you like.

A violin virtuoso has many teachers who work and practice with him or her. In Germany or Italy, this is called “a school.” In the USA, you can find many teachers who know each other personally, and are in constant contact by e-mail or the telephone. In addition, the Web is full a wealth of information about professional schools and their benefits, including the type of teacher most suitable for you.

Where can I learn? In most areas you will find schools offering basic lessons in any one of the following areas: music and vocal performance; composition and theory; jazz or modern classical repertoire; performance. You’ll also find the occasional course in musicology. Most of these classes are offered for free.

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