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The history of violin is full of amazing feats, and it can be hard to understand exactly why violin became important for music. This is not a debate about the music of violin, it is about the relationship of violin, music and instrument.

Worshipers of India and Hindu religion worship in temples. Vocalists and musicians have been performing in temples since ancient times. India has been known for its musical traditions, and many people do not really know about this. This is why we bring out great audio recordings to share with all to better understand this ancient history.

Our mission is to produce world-class classical and modern violin collections. We provide the finest collection of vintage and fine instruments, which will be used by violinists from every cultural background. The collection consist of instruments with original details. It is a unique treasure of the Indian classical music world. In addition, we provide the best modern equipment to assist the performers to bring their talent to the best of their capability.

The Music History of India

Ancient Sanskrit words used to describe music, were “Mamal”, “Mamma-mala” and “Shatkar”. These words are derived from the name of the famous Hindu goddess “Mamma”. “Mamma-mala” literally means “sound of the music.” In the Vedas, Shiva is worshiped with music and musical instruments. Many ancient classical Sanskrit words that describe music are “mala” (music) and “mamma-mala” (sound).

The ancient Indian music was called “Mahamrita”, which was sung with several tones. The tones were used to distinguish different instruments. Some instruments use only one tone and others use many. The first instrument called “Mahamrita” was the lyre, which was held to the ear. The term Mahamrita was coined from the word of the Hindu goddess, named “Mamma”. The word that means “sound” is “mamma”. As a result, the music we speak today has many different sound signatures.

Mahamrita was divided into 12 major divisions like “Panchayati”, “Kalyan”, “Kaspar”, “Shurakshin” in honor of their sacred deities. Most of the instruments called Mahamrita in India today can be identified by the name “Mahamrita”.

Musical Strings: More Notes to Learn for the Violin
The Indian classical music was called “Chitra”, and the instruments called “Karn

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