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Yes – and no. Like any other instrument, it has a role. It’s not a tool – it’s not an afterthought, or some sort of toy for beginners. It’s got a place in the world of music.

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Hundreds of people have attended a protest against the closure of the St Paul’s Hospital in Salford .

The protesters gathered outside the hospital at around 12.30pm today, many of them in wheelchairs.

They chanted slogans in front of St Paul’s and condemned Manchester’s plans to close the hospital, which dates back to 1871.

More protesters gathered at 1.30pm outside the hospital, urging the health services secretary to reverse plans to close the hospital .

(Image: @KHJ7TV )

Many have held up banners from the original St Paul’s Hospital – a symbol of what some are calling the ‘Greater Manchester Salford St Paul’s Hospital’ – which was the closest to the centre.

One rally organiser, who asked not to be named, said: “We’re here and we want to protest that the government have completely failed us.

(Image: @KHJ7TV )

(Image: @KHJ7TV )

(Image: @KHJ7TV )

“We don’t have a good enough life expectancy for every ward.
Sean Berdy in sandlot 2. Gahhh! | Sean berdy, The sandlot ...

“We have to take care of the other patients that might be at that ward and we want to see a new one built at other parts of the city.

“There is a great lack of NHS funding, this hospital is on budget, there are so many better ideas.

“Moves in other areas will be welcomed but the hospital needs to be maintained, if it’s not it’s not fit for purpose, it’s like a broken arm. ”

Another rally organizer, who also did not want to be named said: “It’s not acceptable now. As a community health service, we need to do more.

“We don’t have enough beds, we don’t have enough doctors.

“It’s not acceptable. People should not be going to those hospitals, we need to make changes.

“It’s not just for our hospitals. People don’t

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