Is violin harder than cello? – Violin Basics Dana Freeman

Yes, but it’s got more strings.

Have you seen any difference between a violin and violin/cello with different strings?

I am more sensitive to the sound of the strings, and the vibrations of the strings.

What about with a cello?

In other words, the cells tend to vibrate more than the violin. But I am hearing the same sound and feel the same vibrations as before.

Do you play only violins or also cellos?

I play mostly violin, cello, and woodwinds. I also sometimes play other instruments.

How hard is it to sing?

I am more sensitive to the note and feel the right note.

How hard do you think your voice is for cello? Or for viola?

I am more sensitive to the sound, and I feel it is the best.

Do you hear sound of a cello on cello?

Yes, and I can see it very clearly.

Do you feel a vibration of the strings?

In other words, I can see how the strings vibrate.

In violin and cello, the sound is very clear?

They are the best instruments in the world.

Do you have any fear of people seeing your instrument or what you do? Do you have other musicians as friends? Do you have any interest in music that is only for you?

I have many people that I play with now and then as friends, they always appreciate my skills.

In instrument, I would say this for other instruments: It’s better to have a very good body at the beginning than with years to improve it. But the later you get, the better you become at it.

What is your job?

I am a bass cellist. I’m responsible for singing music for the orchestra in many places.

How much money do you make playing? Do you have a salary?

Well, I don’t have a formal salary but I’m allowed to be able to play from time to time, since not everyone can afford to buy an instrument.

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Can you tell me about your career?

It is very difficult, because I can make a lot of money playing, but not always.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to play lots of music, I have many instruments.


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