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This seems like a reasonable question – how easy does your instrument need to be to learn? If you’re an acoustic guitar player, you may need a bit more help than if you’re playing an electric guitar. I know a lot of folks who, for example, have found it hard to keep their bass notes in time when picking an electric bass. (If that sounds reasonable to you, then just do it.) If you’re a finger guitar player, you might want to start off slow, practice picking and moving your fingers, and get used to the guitar sounds before moving on to the bass.

When it comes to learning the guitar, I think it depends a lot on how the instrument was learned. If you learn with an instrument (or two) that you enjoy (like a bass or guitar), it’s probably easier to make progress than if you learn with an instrument (or two) that you don’t enjoy (like a bass or guitar).

You will find a wide range of possible starting points to start looking into to help get you to the right place. The most common way I’ve seen people learn guitar is to get their parents to teach them, or teach their parents to teach them, which is something I’m not doing. Instead, I’d be more interested in doing something that really builds the knowledge in a way that will give everyone who comes to that place a much better chance of making progress.

In The New York Times Thursday, there is a fairly recent article about the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). It includes the following section:

The commission is a creature of politics, its rules shaped by politicians’ interests on the street and often influenced by lobbyists and law firms. The TLC, with a $60 million annual budget, has the power to regulate everything from how much cabs charge for a trip to how often they must check the licenses of their drivers.

Well, now I know how my “little” New York City councilman Peter Vallone feels about the city’s cab industry. Vallone wrote his campaign literature in a style that was all about “free market,” which is a fine way to run a campaign. In the taxi industry, the “free market” meant that if TLC wanted to, they could impose fees on their drivers, and they very much wanted to.

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When the TLC decided to fine any cab driver who did not show up to a trip as required by the commission, taxi drivers took to the

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