Is the violin the hardest instrument to learn? – Best Way To Learn Violin

If we could give that up to play another instrument, would you consider it an asset?

I like to think of learning the art and craft of the violin as a “chore” or something you do with your body and mind that helps you feel more integrated with life at a deeper, more meaningful level. If you’re just learning it for the sake of having fun in the streets in Chicago—that’s pretty low on my list of goals. I have to think, “Why are they still playing?”

So are you a musician who knows the secret to the perfect sound or can you teach anyone how to build their own violin?

Limitless -
I can’t teach one human being how to play a violin. That said, I can teach one person to understand music; if I could go to the moon I could teach you how to be a great musician. If you look at the research on human-musical interactions—especially in young people—there’s so much more you can do with that musical knowledge. Learning to love music as an adult isn’t enough, really.

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