Is it hard to learn the violin?


It’s not hard to learn. It comes with a set of rules and practice. I practice a lot more in front of mirrors than I do in front of teachers.

Is your practice style too fast (the speed)?

No, in my first year, I practiced very fast. And maybe now I’m getting too impatient. I’d feel like it was too fast, though.

Is it difficult for you to find the right moment to play music?

It’s quite difficult because people try to look at it from different perspectives that I can hardly understand. It’s a very difficult thing for me to express. If it was easier, I wouldn’t need to express it, would you?

What kind of music do you play in the bar?

I think of it as a place for sharing ideas. This is what I’ve learnt so far. The guys that work here, they want to make you go back to a time you didn’t enjoy much. So they play very fast. I’ll play some fast stuff and make it sound nice, and it will mean something to you.

How does it feel to have this bar in the background?

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The music I used to play is mostly based on some music that I was listening to at home, then moving towards more music with electronic sounds. If that music is playing, you can tell me, or if that music is not playing, I don’t care, I can just walk to the bar. This is why it feels like the music is playing there.

What’s the most difficult part about being a barber?

Sometimes, when I go in I lose my breath… When you’re there you hear all types of people, sometimes you see all types of people. At the end of the day the most important thing in life is to make the best decision in this life. The one’s that work at the bar are always busy and have busy lives, so they have to be on top of their game every single day. They are always putting out the best haircuts, but you have to be there to make it happen. If they didn’t have me, they wouldn’t even be working at the bar.

You know what I mean? There is nothing that will make the barbers go nuts more than you walking by or coming in, or even looking at the place. If I am working at the bar, you don’t have an issue. But if you