Is it hard to learn the violin? – Learn Violin Songs

BH: It is hard. I have to learn from videos and listen to a lot of other people. It can even be difficult on my own time. There is no need for practice. I feel in my mind that it is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But it is a very rewarding thing!

KH: Have you ever gotten to see violin in action?

BH: Yes, the orchestra I was invited to play with the world leaders when I was 23. That was amazing!

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KH: What are your thoughts on the violin’s role in music?

BH: I think every instrument can make a lot of sense, regardless of its role in the music. We as music professionals have to know violin and violin players in order to make good decisions. So I think that I would like to see more people playing the violin. It would be good to show the importance and how important it is. I think there would be lots of other great things to learn about it and the way violin players work. There can be a lot of great things to learn by studying and listening to other people. But people have to learn it themselves! I am a realist too. I think it could also be very important that people can listen to the violin, play, and learn from it. The people who play guitar and bass are able to express themselves so differently. You can see it every day. It’s amazing that they can be the violin.

KH: Do you think you have the capacity to be that kind of professional?

BH: Yes, I think so. I have to keep learning and developing all the time because I am still working my way up from being a child violinist.

KH: So you are trying to be that professional?

BH: I am really proud of myself. I feel that I am progressing very well.

KH: What are some of your musical plans?

BH: I really like classical piano. It has a lot of different dynamics, but it works the best for me. I love learning jazz, jazz flamenco, and so on. I love trying to listen to different instruments for different reasons. I love making music on a string bass, which is different from just performing the music.

KH: How close are you to playing the violin?

BH: I am quite far from playing, but I definitely think it is

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