Is it hard to learn the violin?

And if so, what would I need to start? It’s very hard to get into. First of all, it requires a lot of discipline. I’m already in high school and it’s hard to keep up.”

She was also quick to stress the importance of a supportive family at all times.

“If I’m not getting the support of people, I don’t even start,” Shewchuk said. “I just have to start from the bottom, get to first lessons and start practicing every day with my mom and my sister, and see if I have any motivation or if I can get to second, third, fourth and fifth lessons.

This is where the musician steps in:

“My dad is really good about keeping in touch with me. We always get together at a coffee shop or one of the restaurants where we have lunch together, and he always encourages other people to come and play with us.”

And that’s really it.

In addition to supporting his daughter and son, he’s also busy pursuing his own dream of becoming a professional musician. He’s currently pursuing a degree in music at the University of California, Davis, and plans to finish his studies as soon as possible.

Even after all this, Shewchuk doesn’t see it changing what she does.

“This is the first of many projects that I’m really excited and excited about going forward. My goal is to get a master’s degree (a bachelor’s) in music to work with musicians. I just don’t see how you can ever stop if you want to pursue this.”

Shewchuk said he’s already starting to pick his musical themes for his music, but he admits he’s still figuring out what direction to take as he works towards his goal.

“My dream is to become the best and most famous music composer in the world. I want to be the best in the world at writing music. The best conductor/arranger/keyboardist in the world. It’s a lot of pressure,” he said.

He’s also looking forward to the next few years when he’ll be able to pursue more artistic endeavors:

“I really enjoy going out there. I love going out there and trying to help other musicians achieve their goals. My biggest thing is keeping myself safe on tour because when you get sick you can’t really do anything (on tour). You really have to get in a studio every morning to write music. It’s hard