Is Cello same as violin? – Violin Basics Dana Freeman

I am looking for the same thing.

I will add a note, that the Cello is a different instrument to the Viola. There are many other differences, though for a Cello the most important one is that the Cello has one string, the Viola has 2 strings.

The European Union has imposed tough new restrictions on a controversial Russian proposal to sell up to €40 billion of state-run Russian assets to raise cash. Russia hopes to use the proceeds to prop up its struggling banks.

The directive would block further deals worth up to €5.3 billion, the latest in a series of sanctions imposed by the EU.

“We are aware that Moscow is trying to use this sale of state assets and is still hoping for a better financial environment,” said EU High Representative Federica Mogherini during a visit to Moscow on Friday.

Some of the assets would be transferred to local lenders such as NML, NIS or Gazprombank, and a small number of smaller companies or individuals might have access to them.

Under the proposal, which was drawn up by Russia’s Gazprombank, a holding company for Gazprom, the sale of state assets would lead to a drop in the share prices of the holding company or to a gain in shareholders’ equity in the holding company. The sales would be financed by a $40 billion loan that Russia said would be repaid entirely with state assets.

The deal had been touted as a big opportunity for the Kremlin. But it has been beset by problems.

Gazprombank has refused to sell any of its oil, gas or mining assets which it says is in the best interests of shareholders. Its banking subsidiary was hit with sanctions by the EU in February over its role in supporting President Vladimir Putin, but had promised to do so before and has continued to do so.

A consortium of European oil giant Shell and oil trading giant Statoil signed a deal last year worth up to €3.8 billion for 20 percent of the Russian state-owned gas giant Naftogaz.

While the deal is still in the planning stages, Shell says on its website that it is now pursuing plans to “explore the possibility of selling some of the assets of Naftogaz in the future as an alternative to Naftogaz’s financial difficulties.”

A Gazprombank spokeswoman said on Friday that Moscow was not seeking to purchase Russia’s energy sector assets, but was instead a buyer that could be

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