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The Cello & Bass are both instruments with strings for their bodies. For each instrument, the strings of the body are attached to small plates with an adjustable string length. This creates a tension in the string so that it will not fly out of the mouth.

The violin has slightly longer strings because it has three strings, a high-quality, wide-scale acoustic string for each finger, and a softer-stringed one for each hand. The clarinet and oboe are the same.

The Cello & Bass may offer you greater flexibility in playing the instrument.

Cello & Bass strings are also slightly longer than violin strings. But, because of a longer, straighter string, the fingering of the strings may be slightly more flexible than that on the clarinet and oboe. Therefore, they may be a good choice to begin with.

This might also be a good opportunity for the student to give away a Cello & Bass. They’ll be rewarded with a certificate of appreciation for being a new teacher.

To learn more about the difference between the two musical instrument, take a look at the Cello & Bass Musical Instrument Comparison Chart.

What is a Cello?

The Cello is a type of percussion instrument called a lute, and was invented by Italian composer Fondazione da Bambini.

The Cello may be played for the soloist soloing or when joined by another instrument in a group.

You might say that the Cello is not for soloists but it is for those groups who want to play together. Or maybe a soloist alone would prefer to play against a soloist in a larger ensemble.

How is the Cello designed?

The design of the Cello is inspired by the flute. Here are examples of different flutes being built:

Here’s an interesting site about the construction of instruments used in the production of music. One of the topics discussed on this site is musical instrument materials.

Cello and Violin

Why is the Cello better than the Violin?

Let’s get one thing straight here. The viola is built to suit a soloist playing solo. The Cello and Clarinet are constructed with the aim of allowing a group of two or more musicians to play together.

So what makes a good instrument for you?

I’m not here to tell you that the Cello is better than the

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