Is Cello harder than piano?

Maybe‚Ķ I wouldn’t know if I tried.

A few things need to be said about this.
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A Cello is not hard to play, as I explained to you on the first page of this tutorial. It’s hard to play when the body is too rigid. This means you can’t play a Cello like a piano as the body must be flexible.

If you are trying a high Cello you should learn two techniques. One is a method of playing a Cello in a more flexible manner; this involves practicing the fingering using just your first finger on the Bb string and playing every note of the Cello with that first finger before you switch fingers. If you find the method works for you, try it out.

The other technique is to learn a method of playing a Cello where you just use your first finger on the C/Bb string and play every note of the Cello before switching fingers. Some people don’t like this sort of method, so they might want to try learning a more traditional method first.

Both are very flexible methods. Cello players learn them for a specific reason (to be flexible and fast). If you are struggling to play the high note of a Cello well because your notes are all over the place, try learning a more traditional method first before trying a high Cello method.

But it is my understanding that most players feel like playing really fast a Cello is a bit challenging. Maybe they think it’s harder than playing a low or a Bb chord. I’d say there is some truth to that, but that is something you will have to decide for yourself. I can’t guarantee that you’ll find someone to help you pick out just the notes you need, but I can give you some general advice that will most likely help you if you do find yourself struggling with this.

Most Cello teachers prefer to teach the method of using the first finger on the Bb C string. But I’m happy to point my fellow musicians to this article and give you some tips on how to teach a second finger technique like this to improve your playing.

The two types of fingering

The fingering I teach in my workshops is a method of fingering where you use your first two fingers on a single string and play the notes of the Cello with only those two fingers. The difference is that there is a specific finger that is called the Bb C. That finger is much less flexible than