Is a fiddle a violin or a viola? – Violin Lessons Notes

It depends on your circumstances and in many cases you can tell which is a fiddle by the stringed instrument it is attached to,” says the British ambassador to Sweden, Martin Schofield. And he is right. A fiddle is a violin in the right hands and a viola a violoncello. And they do share the instrument – they’re essentially the same.

Fiddler’s String

This story is a classic example of something you don’t have to be a specialist to get. If you know a fiddle it’s likely you can tell what a viola is because a violin is tuned differently, or will play chords differently, or whatever is a certain kind of string. I don’t think I would use words like “stringed instrument” or “violin” if I hadn’t been able to understand these details at a high level.

Now, we know there are two types: the double-stringed and the single stringed. The double-stringed bass fiddle has been a part of the fiddling world for quite some time but recently the double-string variety, used mainly by the US style of double-stringed fiddler, has become a bit of a rarity.

But, before I move on (it’s almost a story in itself: my friend, David, who is a long-time fiddler, told me this).

The triple stringed bass is the fiddle which is most often played and has come under a lot of scrutiny in recent years. A lot of research has gone into trying to pin down the reasons for this resurgence so far, but the answer is complex.

The triple-stringed bass is a double-stringed fiddle with its entire string attached to the body. In other words the instrument is strung on a series of three strings that run lengthways along the head. A traditional, flat five string bass is strung on one string and an unsymmetrical double string is strung on the next. It’s these double-stringed variants that seem to attract the most attention.

The most common of these is the double-stringed basses which are actually quite thin, usually with a number of strings between them. They’re a very easy fiddle to play though it’s also a very short one (if you like playing fast a lot of your fingerings are down the body – or a fretboard, if you prefer).

There are also several stringed bass

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