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Siemens gives it as follows:

• The first step is to establish a sound that is both resonant and stable. The sound produced by most violins should be slightly below mid-bass frequencies: 0.7% of the bass of an air-core instrument, about 3 Hz; and 10% of the mid-bass of a wood instrument, which is not as important for sound quality.

• The second step is to determine the relative values of the sounds in order to determine the key. The best keys come from instruments and tunings that produce a sweet balance of sound of the low frequency and high frequency components; high frequency instruments are generally larger and more sensitive than wood instruments. The frequency response of a mid-bass instrument is usually 0.6% to 0.8% of its output, which ranges from a flat response to a sharp response.

• The third step is to obtain the resonance levels for the strings, as these affect the sound of the instrument. One reason that most instrument designers choose to use large keys is that the larger keys may reproduce the “flatter, warmer” sound of a viola than small keys.

• Then there is the important factor that the instrument maker has chosen the appropriate string sets for the particular model. The most common set is the 5 string version, which has two strings on each side with a 4.25′ long span between strings.

• Finally, a great deal of time, attention and creativity go into all aspects of manufacturing, both to create a good instrument, and to insure that all of the parts fit the instrument as precisely as possible.

How does a good concert violin sound?

The question of how a concert violin sounds is a matter of controversy. The answer is subjective, for several reasons. It requires analysis of the “sound of all the ingredients” including quality of materials, technique of construction, construction or manufacture of the parts, and so on.

Some violin makers make the mistake of making all of the components to a reasonable standard and then expect all violins to be a similar level of quality. This is not the case. For the most part, violins are made to be unique and to satisfy specific requirements or requirements that a company is likely to have.

Schubert - Ave Maria sheet music for violin and piano [PDF]
How many manufacturers makes this violin and what makes it the best?

At least six – most manufacturers are represented on the Web site. The other manufacturers, for most of the instruments, are in a relationship with

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