How much should I spend on my first violin?

The exact amount depends on a number of factors including the type of course you want to take, the cost of the materials you will purchase and the type of materials you will purchase for your particular instrument. The amount you need to invest depends on the level of instruction and level of play you expect your students to have. When you do start to plan your initial investments in a beginner’s violin course, you should keep in mind the following:

• Your students’ proficiency level. Most beginner’s violin lessons start where your students start playing for the first time and are typically for one month or less. Once your students start performing and are proficient, it can be difficult to ramp their skills up significantly and/or increase the frequency of their playing.

• Your budget. Your students’ budget needs also change depending on the type of education program you pursue. For example, a single session of study instruction for beginners using inexpensive violins may be much more expensive than a monthly class at the top level of the music business. And, whether you are at the front end of the learning curve or have the resources to be the top teacher, the amount of money you spend on your students’ training will vary depending on their levels of ability and level of enjoyment of your lessons.

• Location and cost of your school. Some schools, like Boston Conservatory and Boston Conservatory of Music, provide their students with affordable student tuition while others, such as New England Conservatory, require their students to pay for their own schooling or to attend a school outside the New England region. If you are in the New England region, it is worth noting that the Cost of Education (COE) rate per student (a calculation that does not include room and board and food and room) can be considerably higher than the COE per hour rate for non-New England region schools.

• The number of hours a student spends learning – this is very important but can be complicated by a variety of factors.

Finally, keep in mind that while an instructor’s skill level will determine their ability to develop more proficient students, it is very important to remember that your students can expect to be challenged in a variety of ways, from using music as their language, to learning the theory behind specific pieces and to working through a repertoire before it is ready for performance.

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