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A good starting point for an estimate would be to compare the two instruments to one another. Let’s say the violin is valued at $100, but that a bass is worth $90 and a cymbal $85. The $100 is a good base, and the instruments would cost about the same, or around $150. If we could then divide the new cost by $50/year (the percentage of the cost spent in the year), we would end up with about a $7.40 profit for the violin and about a $2.80 profit for the bass. Now let’s add another $50/year to that figure and add back 20%. The profit would then increase to $12.80 per year, which would be a total loss of about $26/year. This is not a good idea if we want to get a decent return.

A similar equation can be applied using a guitar. For example, a bass guitar might be valued at about $100, but a cymbal might be worth about $80. After adding back 20%, we’d end up with $110 for the guitar and about a $6.60 profit per year for the bass. Now we may want to add back $50/year to get a total profit of $16, which would be a total loss of approximately $26/year for no gains. This also will not work if we’re planning to keep our instruments in storage for a few years so that more profit can be made.

How about a violin? Well, if the value of the violin is $150 but the cymbal is $90, then a bass violin could possibly be worth $180. After subtracting 20% there would be a total loss of about $40/year if we were trying to break even here. With the same calculation using the same percentage, we end up with a total loss of $30/year. There’s a much better way to do it, and it’s easy once you realize how little money it takes to build a guitar or bass. All you need is some plywood, a lot of wood screws, and some time. Here’s how.

Here’s how to build a guitar or bass out of plywood. The easiest way to do this is to place the plywood on a table or the floor and work on it while it ages. With a heavy duty lumber screwdriver and a table saw, I drilled a hole to make the mounting holes. To drill out the mounting

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