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According to the British National Health Service, a student aged 20 will pay £17,715 for one week’s tuition.

The cost of a month’s accommodation and meal costs would be £7,063, including a room and breakfast on the first night; £2,750 for a period of three months; and £9,874 if it becomes a private bedroom.

What is going wrong with education?

The government does not have enough money to provide all pupils with the basic requirements. Education Secretary Michael Gove has said that the government doesn’t have the money to meet this demand and plans to cut £500m from the Department for Education.

In fact, only 25% of England’s schoolchildren are learning basic level, compared with 50% in Scotland and 53% in Wales, according to the OECD – in this case, by increasing primary school places.

Meanwhile, funding has suffered when it comes to school uniforms; schools in England have an average of 30 hours of uniform each year, compared with 48 in Scotland and 56 in Wales.

But despite the shortage of funding, there can still be problems within the school system. The most serious is the increasing numbers of under-performing secondary schools, such as Kings College, Winchester and St John’s, where no new pupils are coming from disadvantaged backgrounds and only 13.5% of students perform above basic level, compared with 15.8% of all pupils.

What are the options for funding?

There are two main options depending on your country, but both have their own issues.

1) Increase school funding by reducing the overall spending base, so that every child gets the basic support they need. This could be done by increasing school budgets and spending per pupil. However, in practice this would only make the situation worse. Instead, schools should be strengthened by new teaching regimes and by increasing the number of secondary schools.

Currently, the primary budgets are set at a number of hundred pounds per head, and for children in the lowest two year classes there is no spending per head. But at a more generous level a budget of 600 pounds per head would enable all children to attend schools of high quality – in particular, secondary ones which focus on special areas such as art, writing or music.

A recent report by the Institute of Fiscal Studies estimated that a similar school spending base would cover all of England’s poorer secondary pupils (a total of over 50 million schoolchildren) if the government kept current

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