How much is a violin bow?

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It depends on which type of violin you’re looking for. Some bows can hold about 3.5lb, but the best-looking ones can carry around 12 or 15 pound. So if you can swing one easily, it’s better, especially if you’ve got one on your shoulder.

There are lots of different types of bows. Some have wooden or metal strings, but other types have plastic ones. But if you want a very realistic looking bow, you have to spend a lot of money.

You should check a few options before you settle on the one you want to go for if:

– You’re serious about getting an attractive bow.

– There are lots of different materials that will give you a realistic look.

– You want to use a violin bow in a concert hall.

Here is a breakdown of the different options.

Wooden Strings

Vibration wood and the kind used at music schools give you the best sound reproduction. It’s easier to control, easier to tune and easier to make. The more wood on it, the stronger the bow, which means more string tension, which means more vibration.

The price per pound for wooden strings, which are used at music schools, is between £2.30 and £3.20 per pound.

That means you can comfortably buy a violin bow that will cost you over £100 when you can get the same model with wooden strings.

Plastic Strings

Wooden strings cost more than plastic ones. But as with wood, they’re less likely to break, wear out and wear the instrument down – the most common issue with string playing.

A plastic string can weigh 20-30% more than a wooden one, but it lasts longer, feels better and is harder-wearing.

There are many different types of plastic guitars out there, but some of the strongest are used at music schools, particularly those that have special requirements for their students, so it really depends on the school what that’s going to be – it could be a particular style or a particular violin to match.

You should check if there is a particular school using a particular type of plastic. If there is, try it out first – it’s not going to be possible to just buy a plastic violin to buy or to sell.


Beads might sound the most expensive, but it’s actually only about £3 per pound,