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The flute is an indispensable part of every medieval song and flute player. The best players can have their instruments in their living room, in their spare time (at home), at tournaments, in church, etc. There are plenty of books available on flute playing and there are numerous flute lessons online or you can just try playing from videos online and do a little practice. I myself like to learn flute by playing with other people, to make friends, to learn the instruments, to practice, to listen and write songs. I think that flute playing is a great part of a good singer’s life and I am sure you will enjoy it as well.
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In the beginning, I only played my flute when I was doing the music lessons or the choir rehearsals with my choir. As I became more experienced, I would go on to play it for other choir members and we would come with flutes and join a little tournament with lots of fun. Of course I would also play one flute for myself to get enough practice, but I would not play other flutes for anyone else. But that all changed as I was getting really good at flute as I had an instructor for those tournaments and after some tournaments I met up with a local flute enthusiast who encouraged me to buy a Yamaha flute. So, I bought the Yamaha M20. But a few weeks ago, I went back on the Yamaha flute, with the new Yamaha flute player and we started a new tournament where we play for people’s enjoyment and show of our abilities. The people in the tournament get to be a part of our competition even if we are just playing our flutes. So, I am doing that, too, to have a real good time and show off my skills in the flute.

Who are the current and past leaders at the Flute Guild?

There are many outstanding players and flute teachers in the Guild.

I am always very happy to see them as they are good examples for the younger flute players.

In the past I did not know a lot about the Guild, because people from Europe were only interested in playing one stringed instrument. The only flute I knew about was the Yamaha. A short while later, I met my instructor and he encouraged me to learn the Yamaha and I did. So I did that, too.

I met my flute teacher for the first time when I visited the Guild. And I still keep in

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