How hard is a violin to learn? – Violin Sheet Music For Beginners Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

What are the chances I’d get a decent score if I try?

What is a violin-tuned bass?

Which instruments can be played through a keyboard on a violin?

What do violin violins sound like?

Would my violin be worth playing?

Which instruments do I need as a backup?

How much time and money do I have to save?

What do I need to practice with a professional to get the score right?

Is it necessary to sit and play over the Internet?

How much is a good score?

How much is not enough?

When do I have access to some professional instruments?

What do I need as a backup?

Is it necessary to practice on a computer?

Do you like to practise your skills?

Do you have any advice?

Are you a professional? If not, why are you doing this?

Do you like to practice with a professional? If so, what kind?

Do you enjoy the challenge of practising your music?

What do you think of learning to play the violin?

How many teachers are there?

Do you work closely with a teacher or with others who are more experienced?

Do you like to work on your violin?

Is it worth a tonne of effort over 12 or more hours?

I like to listen to music, so I don’t want to leave my piano at home.

How many players are there who are good enough to teach me?

Do you know of anyone on any of the above?

Do you have an instructor in London who will teach me?

Do you think it might be difficult to make money living as an independent violin player?

If you had a job, would you still be playing the violin?

Would you try to get a job doing something other than a music career?

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