How do I know if my violin is valuable? – Learn Indian Classical Violin Online

You can easily tell with the sound of the strings or the sound of the wooden pieces. If it has been kept in excellent condition, you can tell it’s worth less by the sound of the strings and wood. If the string has been damaged, but not broken, you can tell it’s worth less if there is a thin sound of the wood or the sound of the strings.

What do I need to do if there is a problem with my instrument?

Please take photographs of the damage and provide them as part of any warranty claim form you send to violinmaker. All photographs should clearly show the damage and the defect. Please do not leave damaged or broken pieces lying around, or on the ground.

Is there anyone who could help me?

If you’re not sure about the correct position of the strings on each violin, please ask a professional violinist who is experienced on the violin. As this is not the first time you’ve had problems with one of your instruments, you may be able to resolve a lot of it on the spot.

What if I have a warranty claim with violinmaker and they can’t hear this?

If that happens, contact your local warranty centre. Your local dealers will usually be able to help.

How do I know about online violin sales?

The internet is your best way to know about the current price of your violin. It’s a safe way because it’s anonymous so there is no one to charge you for anything.

What other places do you recommend?

We strongly recommend you order the strings from the specialist instrument retailer you buy from, for their reliable service. If you buy from a violin store, always order from them. You can also look online for an advice from them.

Do you sell spare strings?

No, for security reasons some companies sell them without additional strings in addition to the instruments you can normally find them in.

A list of retailers on the web is provided at the bottom of our pages. The list is updated every day and includes all major online stores across Europe, plus a couple of smaller ones. We encourage you to read it.

Where can I go for warranty advice?

If something does happen and you’re worried about it, you can ask for a guarantee or your supplier will arrange this for you. If you need assistance, you can write to the telephone number on the box on the back.

We recommend you speak to a professional

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