How do I buy my first violin?

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If you’ve never bought a violin before, you will need to find a guitar teacher who is ready to teach you to play your new instrument. Your first lesson should be between 3-5 lessons, where you can practise a lot and learn to play the violin from a beginner’s perspective. Don’t feel scared about taking up violin lessons, it’s a great way to learn to play.

I already have an instrument, is this what I need to learn to play them?

There’s not really any particular reason you would want to learn how to play an instrument you already own. If you already have a guitar, or if you just want to play a few songs or try something new, you are totally within your rights to learn how to play. However, if you start with something that doesn’t sound good, it is quite possible you will never learn to play it well.

I want to learn how to play an instrument that I already own. Do I need to buy new strings?

You should be fine if you can afford them. However, if you think an instrument that you own sounds just as good on its last note as your new strings would, then buying a few new strings will just make your already pretty good instrument sound worse anyway.

I want to learn how to play the violin. What can I do?

Well, the first few days will be the most challenging for you – this is where you should plan to practise your violin playing a lot and learn how to play it from the start.

But you’ve heard it from us already: the more you play the better you will be, and you will soon reach the highest level of violin playing! You’re gonna love listening to your great recordings in the recording studio, and then you can play something amazing!

What if I don’t get enough practice?

Yes, this is the biggest mistake beginner violinists make. It’s because this is how you can avoid this error: you need to set a target. When you think about it: “How many lessons and how many strings would I need to work on this instrument?”. This is not a realistic guideline to reach.

Do you not know what you’re getting into?

That’s normal, since there are tons of people out there who do not know what they’re getting into. They might buy an instrument that doesn’t sound very good, or they might have bought an instrument that doesn’t look good, or they see how