How do I buy my first violin?

If you want a beautiful instrument without breaking the bank, consider a dealer’s stock. A dealer only charges a few pence per day for the instruments, but you’ll need to bring some money with you. Once you get your instrument, you can save up to 15 per cent off the list price. If you want to buy two guitars, a banjo or a viola, you’ll need to take out a loan from a bank or building society. If you only want one instrument, you’ll need to buy it at a discount from a legitimate source.

For advice about buying and selling, see the Buying a Used Guitar guide (and buy at our website too).

Do you have to register with a credit card company in order to get a credit card?

Yes. There is a small fee to register with the credit card company, which you pay when you register at the store. This fee is 0.1% of the amount of your purchase. If you sign up with a credit card you won’t incur a fee, but you’ll definitely need a PIN.

Rescue operations continue in a mass grave at an Israeli-located refugee camp near the Syrian border.

The Israeli authorities have declared the site as uninhabitable and opened an evacuation center to house as many people as they can accommodate.

In a press release by the Israeli state news agency Ynet, the Israeli military said that a “significant number” of the dead found in the morgue had been “rescued” from the morgue.

Mortuary officials say they have found bodies and corpses in the area of the morgue and have received additional bodies.

The Israeli army will handle the situation until the situation allows it to evacuate the people in the area.

The state news agency cited the Israeli director of the morgue in Ramat Gan as saying that in an attempt to prevent the deaths of the deceased, the Israeli army is preventing the families from getting out to see the bodies and to see them again.

Israeli army helicopters have helped the morgue officials in moving bodies to different locations.

State TV channel Israel Hayom reported on Monday morning that in an attempt to prevent deaths, families are prevented from contacting family members at different locations.

“The morgue has already evacuated thousands of casualties to a safer location,” Israel’s Channel 2 television reported. “The army is helping with evacuation of an additional 200 people in order to avert mass casualties.”