How do I buy my first violin?

Where do I buy a violin in a large city?

There are a number of different ways to buy your first violin. You can buy your first violin through private collectors in your local community, private retail outlets, online retailers, and any of the major violin companies.

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Private collector sales are generally the safest way to begin your learning to play the violin! These sales typically bring together local violin stores and private collections of the world’s finest violinists.

Private retail venues typically are located in your local community. These stores sell only instruments designed exclusively for playing by local residents and their families. You may have heard many variations on these sales pitches, but the following is a general description of the process:

You will make a small donation to your local community on your violin. You will make arrangements to be the face and representative of your purchase. You will fill out information (via email or in writing) with all of the appropriate sales agents and suppliers. Make sure your name is on the sale letter (so that you will have a record that can be used as proof of your purchase if you wish). In most cases a private catalog will be included in your package. On a positive note, the online violin stores are almost always the most comprehensive. They usually have large collections that make it easy for you and your mother and other family members to search. The price quoted is generally based on the value of the instrument, the length of time that this instrument has been sitting in your mother’s home, and the availability of the instrument for sale. In other words, the sale price is very likely a good way to estimate what the instrument would be worth if you had a few years to search. There are numerous sellers in your local community that will accept this information in writing. Many of these sellers are friendly, but sometimes it is difficult to get on the phone with each and every individual. Many people have the idea of using the online violin store as an introduction to the world of private violin selling. But in many cases this is not so. A major disadvantage of the online violin stores is that they do not have an online directory to help with the process. This can be a significant disadvantage if your goal is to get as close to 100 percent on all of your private purchase questions. That is not always possible. The best way to make the process easier is to contact one of the local violin dealers who will give you a lot of guidance and be happy to provide you with guidance and advice about where to begin your private violin journey.