How can you tell if a violin is vintage? – Suzuki Violin Timeline

You can easily tell if a violin is vintage by looking at the bell or horn in the front of the violin. This is called the “hornsight.” It is easily identifiable and will tell you if a violin is vintage. If it has a bright red bell, it is not vintage. Likewise, in many cases the bell will read “Vintage.”

How do I tell a violin will sound good at a small concert?

Many violinists ask about the right size bass to use for their class. If you buy a very small piano (a few inches or less), it usually makes the most sense to have that instrument in the front of the class. But this is not always the case. Some violinists prefer their violins in the rear because those are larger. If you are using a violin in the rear and you are having difficulty with your hand, use a violin that is in the front of the class. If the violin needs to go to a larger size class, go to a teacher of larger instruments.

How do I know if my violin is a fake?

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There are so many counterfeit violins that we can’t talk about them all. You can search our web site to see if other violins are replicas. If a violin with an old date tag shows up on the web site, it is probably a counterfeit. If there are old pictures of violins on our web site showing the same instrument for sale, those are also probably fakes. If the violin you are looking for doesn’t have a photo or story attached, I will suggest other violins that were made by the same manufacturer or may be similar instruments.

I am looking to save my money and the labor cost. When I am looking at some violins online I am more interested in price. I am more interested in knowing what these violins are worth than the price tag alone. Here is why… When you purchase a violin online, you are not getting the original instrument. You are purchasing a “replica”. If you have an old Violin Shop picture on your wall where you can see the violins in the frame, this is an authentic picture. But if you want a picture of a new instrument, you are in luck. We carry a variety of photos showing violins in different stages of construction, from the original factory machine to the finished violins you see in the museum shop. You can look on our web site for a description of the instrument.

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