Does a violin get better with age? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 6 Solve Proportional Relationships

You can ask most violin players their opinions of their instrument as they get older – a good sign when your instrument has aged. But if that doesn’t tell me much, perhaps age isn’t the most important criterion in a violinist today. Maybe, just maybe, they need to work harder.

If the instrument is in good condition, its appearance is important. However, one of the most important factors in getting and retaining a violin is the temperament of the violin. If, for example, a violin player has had a hard time working with the wood and is unhappy with the sound of the instrument, he or she may try to do something that seems “special” – perhaps to make the instrument have an extra “look” – so that the player can “feel” it was done to the degree of a grand violin, not the violin used by a violin-maker.

As mentioned in the above quote, the piano player is different from the violin but, for the piano player, its important to work hard on improving the quality of his or her instrument. As I mentioned before, a piano with good sound for example is more difficult to play than an instrument with poor sound. A good piano player works hard to make the instrument sound good, and if that doesn’t happen, it’s time to consider whether another person could do better for that role in one’s life. A violin player is not like a pianist, whose main job is to play the instrument. The reason why a good violinist is able to play many different kinds of music is because she has a special musical knowledge of how to play at the right temperature, where to strike the strings, and how to strike the strings at the same time. These skills – and the right temperament – are what you may want to look for in a piano player.

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