Can you learn violin at any age?

As the years go by, I really think you should give violin lessons to every child in your household — but if you have your kids under the age of 10, then you have to think twice. Children need to be surrounded by family and they need that person that will listen and teach.

But there are some children who will have a hard time learning. If they don’t have other children to help them, it might be easier for them to learn.

What is the most common form of learning a musical instrument: playing, singing, or listening?

Playing, singing, and listening are all forms of learning that sound similar, and are all different ways of mastering a musical instrument. For most people, playing means singing with your partner and listening to the music that comes out of the song.

What would you say it takes for a child to begin learning violin?

My kids have all learned and performed on their own. In fact, we have a group lesson for ages 10 and under that we teach to our little ones.

In addition to singing, they also have many other musical activities like playing on their instruments, creating instruments, and practicing on them. But I think it’s important for every parent to encourage their child in these areas. If they are feeling lost or have a lot to learn, go to another level and find a professional who will support them.

What kind of family is your biggest inspiration?

As I grow older, I look for inspiration from different people. My family is a big inspiration for sure.

Where do you get your musical inspiration?

From what I can hear, it is always from some big cities. But I always say “Music is the music of my heart.”

Do you have any musical instruments?

I have many. My first instrument was an American flag – it was a little horn that I made when I was only 8 years old. I used a bow string from a toy. Since then I have used many instruments including guitar, keyboard, drumset, and piano. It is a wonderful way for me to express myself. Music is always playing a big part in my life, so I make sure to have a lot of musical instruments in my house.

What kind of family activity or activity have you been involved in or a musical instrument you enjoy?

I am always up for playing music, and I love to sing. I am also really good with playing music on my piano.