Can you learn violin at any age? – How To Learn Violin Quickly

Absolutely. I’m an open-minded person and I try to learn new music and keep playing as long as possible. That’s what we do. That’s the only way to learn. Sometimes, you need two or three years to get used to the new music. Then you’ll start playing some stuff that’s better than what you were used to. That’s what we’re going through.

How would you characterize your current stage? Do you feel like you’re performing the same notes that you played as a student at Berklee? (Photo: Justin Schultz/Getty Images)

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Yes, I do. I have many more songs written out in the world, so when I hear new music, I just go, ‘Well, I guess that’s what they were doing when I was a student.’ If it makes us better, I guess that’s one way for us to be.

You were on the cover of Time, which called you the “most musically adventurous singer in America.” (Photo: Ryan Murphy/HBO)

It came out with a big quote from Michael R. Fox about where he was playing. I was a very, very young person then, and I was playing things I didn’t even understand as young kids: ‘Oh, that’s not so bad!’ My dad said to me, ‘When that kid is 22 he’s going to start asking his mom to get him a trumpet.” I was a very young kid at 16. I had no idea, it doesn’t really fit the mold — the music is different. I felt the whole deal of it was to be a musician, not something I was doing to be cool. Maybe that will change a little bit when I get older and get a better band.

You’ve had the distinction of playing three consecutive Grammy nominees in 2014. Which categories do you personally believe you’ve achieved at the Grammy level?

I’ve definitely played in the music business with a certain amount of success, so that’s why I’m excited. When I saw the ‘Music Video’ trophy, I was like, ‘Holy shit!’ That’s where I’d want to be as well. I’ve had a lot of fun. Now that I have that, it’s great. I’ve had some time off to work on my career as well, but there’s only a month or three left until the end.

You’re slated to perform at Carnegie Hall on Dec. 13. As an audience member, I

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