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No. If we want to know what’s needed for violin to become an instrument which makes use of all of its range in the best possible way, we should look at the teaching of it. In fact, that’s exactly how my violin teacher taught us to play violin. He gave us instruction on how to take our best possible shape to the best advantage of our hands and bodies in terms of playing and listening. He encouraged our love of the violin, as much as any musical instrument. I’m thankful to him, for what he was to me, how much he challenged me, what he taught me.

You might be thinking, “Well, my violin teacher taught me to perform. It was my instrument.” You’re right, but I’m sure a lot of you will disagree. And that is fine. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing the skills of the performance, but let’s learn from the performance. And then, let’s use them as much as possible in the real world to make our lives better. Let us apply our knowledge of the violin to more than just playing. It’s no good thinking that learning violin is just a matter of technique, playing, and a few other things. It’s a matter of the way we perform and what we love about it. And that’s what the education of my violin teacher taught me.

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So here are a few things you should definitely consider in becoming a violinist.

1. The violin should be a way of living

A violin that was made for your hobby, to serve you and your hobby, should be worth the money you pay for it. If you don’t love what it does, then it’s not worth the money. If you do love what it does, it’s worth a lot of money. The one who will really be able to make a living out of violin will do it because they know it will serve them best. Don’t buy a violin and then be disappointed by it. The one who will really make a living will do it because of their passion for the instrument, and they will know exactly why they have to do it.

2. Be a fan of the violin world

Viola players are very well informed in violin history, with a particular interest towards the early days. You will also find that you can talk to these members of the art who live amongst you. They will make sure you enjoy what you’re doing with all the skills which you acquired while becoming a violinist, and, when necessary

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